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Service system


tutors employ professional teachers with many years of teaching experience, according to features of tutors, quality education, specialized training, so that every teacher knows how to tutor teaching characteristics.

faculty management:

by hiring teachers, tutors for students teaching and all aspects of customer service standards for rigorous evaluation, to improve student achievement and enhance effective security of customer satisfaction.

mentoring program:

by teachers for students to try on, satisfied with the teachers of 2-4 week for the reality to develop specific guidance programmes, by the tutor Center for examination, students discuss with parents, established stage mentoring program, so as to advance towards ideal goals step by step.


tutoring, assessment summary of the teaching on a regular basis, collecting parent feedback and control implementation of service plans to implement, and positive results, discovery and improvement areas in need of improvement, and improving teaching effect for students grades improved customer service and satisfaction both to achieve the desired effect.