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Wuhu, Wuhu new sailing tutor services offers tutoring, tutor network in Wuhu, Wuhu part-time tutoring, one-on-one tutoring in Wuhu, Wuhu scientists teach English tutor in Wuhu, Wuhu, math tutoring, language tutor in Wuhu, Wuhu elementary school tutor, junior tutor of Wuhu, Wuhu high school tutor. Quality in the college entrance examination, small high, General and other counselling services, the vast number of parents and students for tutoring has become the preferred.   Configure personalized learning plans and the most suitable teaching program, release each students ' potential to the maximum, so that those who need growth opportunities have access to education of the highest quality.

training objectives: students willing to learn, good school, and eager to learn.  

educational philosophy: every student is unique, his success requires individuation education and training methods!  

teaching goals:, entrance into focusing on secondary and tertiary goals; to develop students thinking, problem-solving skills and methods and training objectives; to collaborative   family, common education, through the development of non-intelligence factors to target intelligence and learning ability.  

teaching model: implementation of targeted teaching in the teaching process, the implementation of "directional counselling + 1-on-1 elite students of full-time teachers role model tutors + full-time teachers will study" mentoring mode.  

education: education consultant + experts + school students home Ta